Fashion & Retails

The fashion industry is often unstable because style is fickle. What’s in fashion today is not tomorrow. Or maybe stock-outs are a problem? We fully appreciate that and understand the critical role supply chains play in the fashion and apparel & Footwear industry. Your solution is a logistics company that’s savvy and experienced in the fashion and apparel & Footwear industry. Our fashion client services are among the best in the industry. Responsive supply chains can make the difference you need to stay ahead of the pack. That’s where MTS comes in. We emphasize speed and flexibility in fashion logistics, since sales depend on availability and changes in style.

MTS minimizes handling with its GOH rack system, enhancing flexibility and responsiveness. We work with you to customize end-to-end solutions that help manage people and processes, and remove inefficiency where we find it.

If your merchandise needs packing in special hangar pack cartons or on hangars, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced employees know how to handle your shipments so they arrive at their final destination on time in the right condition. MTS’s fashion logistics services complement the value of your brands.